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  • The Good Wife: Winning Ugly

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    Potential voter fraud is discovered in the States Attorney election and Eli and Alicia take steps to stop a recount by enlisting the help of a wellrespected civil rights lawyer. Meanwhile Diane learns she unwittingly submitted false evi
  • The Good Wife: Wanna Partner?

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    Season 6 ends with Alicia getting a suspicious call from a client and discovering that hes being held in a secret police facility where people are detained without officially being booked.
  • The Good Wife: Undisclosed Recipients

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    The partners at Florrick/Agos/Lockhart argue over the future of the firm. Meanwhile the firm becomes a victim of a cyber hack after it represents a movie producer whose work is pirated on a peertopeer sharing site.
  • The Good Wife: Loser Edit

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    Alicia is questioned about leaked emails during a TV interview. Meanwhile Diane takes a case that pits her sympathies toward gay marriage against the rights of religious freedom and an investigator begins looking into the evidence Diane us
  • The Good Wife: Open Source

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    Frank Prady attacks Peters gubernatorial record as a campaign tactic which forces Alicia to consider doing the same. Meanwhile the firm takes the case of a man who was paralyzed by a malfunctioning gun created by a 3D printer and Diane
  • The Good Wife: Mind's Eye

    Type: Video | Date: Tuesday, Aug 23, 2016

    Alicia prepares for a key interview that could have a big impact on the outcome of the race for States Attorney. Meanwhile Louis Canning pressures Florrick/Agos/Lockhart to agree on a settlement in his wrongful eviction case against the firm.
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    Archie Panjabi is leaving 'The Good Wife' to star in her own TV show

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014

    NBC scraps 'Mission Control' starring Krysten Ritter
  • The-good-wife-oppo-research_home_top_story

    Review: 'The Good Wife' - 'Oppo Research'

    Type: Post | Date: Monday, Oct 13, 2014

    Alicia finds out the downside of running for office
  • The-good-wife-the-line_home_top_story

    Season premiere review: 'The Good Wife' - 'The Line'

    Type: Post | Date: Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

    Cary gets busted, while Eli wants Alicia to run for office
  • The-good-wife-a-weird-year_home_top_story

    Season finale review: 'The Good Wife' - 'A Weird Year'

    Type: Post | Date: Monday, May 19, 2014

    A technical glitch at Lockhart Gardner causes opportunity and friction at Florrick Agos
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