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    Here is the Aquaman joke ‘The Martian’ author fought to keep in the movie

    Type: Article | Date: Saturday, Oct 3, 2015

    Aquaman jokes, f-bombs, cannibalism and Sean Bean
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    Aquaman #28

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014

    He’s saved a diver from a vicious shark attack – but he’ll soon regret it. His most powerful weapon has been stolen from his care – and he’s never even heard of the man who took it. But Aquaman’s greatest challenge yet may be Amnesty Bay’s ten year high school reunion!
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    Aquaman #27

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014

    From the depths of the ocean comes the Karaqan — a monster so immense, Aquaman doesn’t even know how to start battling it! And while he may have no idea what it is, the people of Atlantis do — and the LAST thing they want is for their king to try to stop it!
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    Aquaman #26

    Type: Gallery | Date: Monday, Dec 30, 2013

    “Sea of Storms” begins with the debut of new AQUAMAN writer Jeff Parker! The Earth’s crust is grinding to life, releasing deadly volcanoes and bizarre creatures…so humanity’s first instinct is to blame Atlantis! And as the plates pull apart, the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera as well! (via USA Today)
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    Aquaman #25

    Type: Gallery | Date: Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

    THE EXTRA-SIZED CONCLUSION TO “DEATH OF A KING”! Aquaman now knows the true responsibility that comes with being King of Atlantis. But that means he and Mera face a difficult choice—one that could destroy the love that’s defined their lives! Villains become allies, friends become enemies, and the scope of Aquaman’s undersea world grows bigger than ever!
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    Aquaman #24

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013

    Who is the Scourge of the Seven Seas?! All his life, Arthur’s been told that he is the King of the Seven Seas. But he’s about to learn exactly what that title means—and the dark power and legacy it carries with it. Is it possible for one man to rule every living thing in the ocean? Or is the King of the Seven Seas always doomed to die trying?
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    Aquaman #23

    Type: Gallery | Date: Wednesday, Aug 28, 2013

    The critically acclaimed adventures of Aquaman continue! “DEATH OF A KING” comes to a shocking conclusion as Aquaman is forced to fight alongside Mera’s husband Nereus to defend Atlantis from the Dead King—the first King of Atlantis and rightful ruler of the Seven Seas! But what does the Scavenger and his army have to do with this attack? And what dark secret will send Aquaman off on a quest to uncover the truth behind himself and Atlantis?
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    Batman and Aquaman #29

    Type: Gallery | Date: Monday, Mar 17, 2014

    Batman is ready to settle the score with Ra’s al Ghul, who stole Robin’s body out of the grave! As the Dark Knight travels to the island where Damian was born, he’s set on a collision course with Aquaman!
  • Aquaman #22

    Type: Article | Date: Wednesday, Jul 24, 2013

    After being locked in Arkham Asylum, Jonah Hex goes on the run with a partner, who’s family he’s all too familiar with from his days with Amadeus Arkham. And in the backup story, the epic of the 19th century StormWatch continues.
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