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    30 years ago today: ‘Aliens’ gave us the badass return of Ripley

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, Jul 18, 2016

    Plus: ‘SexyBack’ turns 10, ‘Jurassic Park III’ turns 15
  • Farscape: The Complete Season Three

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009

    Includes:Farscape: Eat Me (2001) Farscape: Fractures (2001) Farscape: Green-Eyed Monster (2001) Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1:Daedalus Demands (2001) Farscape: Incubator (2001) Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides (2001) Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2 - Wait for the Wheel (2001) Farscape: ...Different Destinations (2001) Farscape: The Choice (2001) Farscape: Thanks for Sharing (2001) Farscape: Suns and Lovers (2001) Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a (2001) Farscape: Season of Death (2001) Farscape: Scratch 'n' Sniff (2001) Farscape: Revenging Angel (2001) Farscape: Relativity (2001) Farscape: Meltdown (2001) Farscape: Losing Time (2001) Farscape: Dog with Two Bones (2002) Farscape: I-Yensch, You-Yensch (2002) Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2002) Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter (2002) Farscape: Eat Me Accidently damaging the transport pod, Jool (Tammy MacIntosh) is forced along with D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) and Chiana (Gigi Edgely) to land on a seriously ill leviathan (a living starship like Moya). Though the vessel may be in its death throes, it isn't as abandoned as it seems, much to the horror of the three crew members -- especially D'Argo. Meanwhile, a starburst from Moya thrusts Aeryn (Claudia Black) onto the deck of Moya's "baby" starship Talyn, which is also ailing and in agony. "Eat Me" first aired on April 20, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Farscape: Fractures Crichton (Ben Browder) is not quite as dead as was previously assumed, but he may wish that he was after the crews of Moya and Talyn stage a tumultuous reunion. Meanwhile, a new group of escapees from the PeaceKeepers is shuttled on board. Unfortunately, one of the refugees may be a PeaceKeeper "mole" -- but is it the Scarran Naj Gil (Thomas Holesgrove), the Nebari Hubero (Kate Beahan), the female Hynerian Orrhn Pak, or the exiled PK technician Markir Tal (Matt Doran)? "Fractures" first aired on August 24, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Farscape: Green-Eyed Monster The living starship Talyn is swallowed and trapped in the gullet of an enormous budong -- an ordeal that no previous starship (or space traveller, for that matter) has ever survived. The crew tries to save Talyn, but is hampered by jealousy and suspicion within the ranks. Then Stark (Paul Goddard) hatches another wild scheme to rescue both Talyn and the crew -- a scheme which may literally blow up in everyone's faces. "Green-Eyed Monster" originally aired on June 22, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1:Daedalus Demands In this first episode of the two-part story "Infinite Possibilities," the crew members of Talyn have no sooner unwound from past crises than they receive a disturbing communication from the Ancients. It seems that the Farscape 1 module has been spotted journeying through a wormhole at a time when, accordingly to the preordained continuum, the module should be doing nothing of the kind. It turns out that this "Farscape 1" is one of what may be several duplicates created on the heavily guarded planet Dam-Ba-Da. As if this doesn't pile enough problems on the shoulders of John Crichton (Ben Browder), the "friendly" Scorpius clone (named Harvey) implanted with Crichton's brain begins acting up -- and a fleet of enemy Scarran are poised to attack. "Daedalus Demands" originally aired on July 27, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Farscape: Incubator Seemingly returning from the dead, Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) takes Crichton's implanted neurochip on a "sentimental journey" to unlock an encrypted section of the chip. In another development, the Relgarian Linfer (Jo Kerrigan) offers to pass along some valuable wormhole travel secrets to the crew. But Linfer's price is steep indeed; she wants immediate possession of the living starship Moya. "Incubator" first aired on July 13, 2001. ~ Hal Erickson
  • Dawson's Creek: The Complete Series

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009

    Includes:Dawson's Creek: Pilot (1998) Dawson's Creek: Dance (1998) Dawson's Creek: Kiss (1998) Dawson's Creek: Detention (1998) Dawson's Creek: Roadtrip (1998) Dawson's Creek: The Scare (1998) Dawson's Creek: Decisions (1998) Dawson's Creek: The Reluctant Hero (1998) Dawson's Creek: Full Moon Rising (1998) Dawson's Creek: Alternate Lifestyles (1998) Dawson's Creek: The All-Nighter (1998) Dawson's Creek: Crossroads (1998) Dawson's Creek: Tamara's Return (1998) Dawson's Creek: The Dance (1998) Dawson's Creek: The Election (1998) Dawson's Creek: The Kiss (1998) Dawson's Creek: Beauty Contest (1998) Dawson's Creek: Double Date (1998) Dawson's Creek: Boyfriend (1998) Dawson's Creek: Baby (1998) Dawson's Creek: Hurricane (1998) Dawson's Creek: Discovery (1998) Dawson's Creek: Like a Virgin (1999) Dawson's Creek: Homecoming (1999) Dawson's Creek: None of the Above (1999) Dawson's Creek: First Encounters of the Close Kind (1999) Dawson's Creek: Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes (1999) Dawson's Creek: Indian Summer (1999) Dawson's Creek: His Leading Lady (1999) Dawson's Creek: To Be or Not to Be ... (1999) Dawson's Creek: Four to Tango (1999) Dawson's Creek: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1999) Dawson's Creek: High Risk Behavior (1999) Dawson's Creek: Secrets and Lies (1999) Dawson's Creek: Sex She Wrote (1999) Dawson's Creek: Home Movies (1999) Dawson's Creek: ... That Is the Question (1999) Dawson's Creek: Rest in Peace (1999) Dawson's Creek: Be Careful What You Wish For (1999) Dawson's Creek: Psychic Friends (1999) Dawson's Creek: Uncharted Waters (1999) Dawson's Creek: Parental Discretion Advised (1999) Dawson's Creek: A Perfect Wedding (1999) Dawson's Creek: Reunited (1999) Dawson's Creek: Escape from Witch Island (1999) Dawson's Creek: Stolen Kisses (2000) Dawson's Creek: The Unusual Suspects (2000) Dawson's Creek: True Love (2000) Dawson's Creek: Valentine's Day Massacre (2000) Dawson's Creek: Northern Lights (2000) Dawson's Creek: Two Gentlemen of Capeside (2000) Dawson's Creek: The Anti-Prom (2000) Dawson's Creek: Show Me Love (2000) Dawson's Creek: You Had Me at Goodbye (2000) Dawson's Creek: Crime and Punishment (2000) Dawson's Creek: Coming Home (2000) Dawson's Creek: To Green, with Love (2000) Dawson's Creek: Self Reliance (2000) Dawson's Creek: A Family Way (2000) Dawson's Creek: Falling Down (2000) Dawson's Creek: The Longest Day (2000) Dawson's Creek: Cinderella Story (2000) Dawson's Creek: Neverland (2000) Dawson's Creek: Great Xpectations (2000) Dawson's Creek: Barefoot at Capefest (2000) Dawson's Creek: A Weekend in the Country (2000) Dawson's Creek: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2000) Dawson's Creek: Future Tense (2000) Dawson's Creek: Promicide (2001) Dawson's Creek: The Bostonians (2001) Dawson's Creek: Eastern Standard Time (2001) Dawson's Creek: Use Your Disillusion (2001) Dawson's Creek: Separation Anxiety (2001) Dawson's Creek: Hotel New Hampshire (2001) Dawson's Creek: High Anxiety (2001) Dawson's Creek: Winter's Tale (2001) Dawson's Creek: Mind Games (2001) Dawson's Creek: Text, Lies and Videotape (2001) Dawson's Creek: Four Stories (2001) Dawson's Creek: The Te of Pacey (2001) Dawson's Creek: Four Scary Stories (2001) Dawson's Creek: The Graduate (2001) Dawson's Creek: The Long Goodbye (2001) Dawson's Creek: Coda (2001) Dawson's Creek: The Tao of Dawson (2001) Dawson's Creek: Hopeless (2001) Dawson's Creek: Admissions (2001) Dawson's Creek: Appetite for Destruction (2001) Dawson's Creek: Capeside Revisited (2001) Dawson's Creek: Lost Weekend (2001) Dawson's Creek: Late (2001) Dawson's Creek: Swan Song (2002) Dawson's Creek: The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest (2002) Dawson's Creek: Guerilla Filmmaking (2002) Dawson's Creek: Merry Mayhem (2002) Dawson's Creek: After Hours (2002) Dawson's Creek: The Abby (2002) Dawson's Creek: Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (2002) Dawson's Creek: Highway To Hell (2002) Dawson's Creek: 100 Light Years From Home (2002) Dawson's Creek: Instant Karma! (2002) Dawson's Creek: Sleeping Arrangements
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    The Morning Read: Will Eric Bana be 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'?

    Type: Post | Date: Friday, Dec 17, 2010

    Plus the true story of a tragedy on the road from BNAT
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    Tim Burton offered a strange excuse for the lack of diversity in 'Miss Peregrine'

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Sep 29, 2016

    **Pinch bridge of nose, sigh heavily**
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    The 'Twin Peaks' cast is insane: 9 actors you may not have known are starring in the Showtime revival

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

    Even a 2016 Oscar nominee has signed on for the David Lynch series
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    That Somebody: Why Aaliyah Will Remain An Icon Forever

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015

    It's not just the classic beat of "Are You That Somebody?" we'll always cherish.
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    Why it's so important that 'Jessica Jones' isn't magically okay in Season 2

    Type: Post | Date: Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

    Because that's not how trauma works.
  • Girlfriends: Seasons 1-7

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 13, 2009

    Includes:Girlfriends: Toe Sucking (2000) Girlfriends: One Night Stand? (2000) Girlfriends: Girlfrenzy (2000) Girlfriends: I Pity the Fool (2000) Girlfriends: The Importance of Being Frank (2000) Girlfriends: Never a Bridesmaid (2000) Girlfriends: Fried Turkey (2000) Girlfriends: Pregnant Pause (2000) Girlfriends: Everything Fishy Ain't Fish (2000) Girlfriends: The Remains of the Date (2000) Girlfriends: Hip-Ocracy (2000) Girlfriends: Loose Lips Sink Relationships (2001) Girlfriends: Diss-regard (2001) Girlfriends: A Kiss Before Lying (2001) Girlfriends: The Fallout (2001) Girlfriends: Jamaic-Up? (2001) Girlfriends: The Burning Vagina Monologues (2001) Girlfriends: A Full Court Conspiracy (2001) Girlfriends: The Declaration of Lynndependence (2001) Girlfriends: Friends, Colleagues, Brothers (2001) Girlfriends: Old Dog (2001) Girlfriends: Bad Timing (2001) Girlfriends: They've Gotta Have It (2001) Girlfriends: The List (2001) Girlfriends: You Better Watch Out (2001) Girlfriends: Mom's the Word (2001) Girlfriends: Maya Takes a Stan (2001) Girlfriends: Trick or Truth (2001) Girlfriends: Joan's Birthday Suit (2001) Girlfriends: Willie or Won't He? (2001) Girlfriends: Buh-Bye (2001) Girlfriends: Un-Treatable (2001) Girlfriends: Just Say No (2001) Girlfriends: I Have a Dream House (2002) Girlfriends: Can't Stan Ya! (2002) Girlfriends: Take Me Out to the Ballgame (2002) Girlfriends: Willie or Won't He II - The Last Chapter (2002) Girlfriends: Sister, Sistah (2002) Girlfriends: Childs in Charge (2002) Girlfriends: Taming of the Realtress (2002) Girlfriends: Invasion of the Gold Digger (2002) Girlfriends: Blinded by the Lights (2002) Girlfriends: Handling Baggage (2002) Girlfriends: The Mommy Returns (2002) Girlfriends: A Little Romance (2002) Girlfriends: Santa v. Monica (2002) Girlfriends: Take This Poem and Call Me in the Morning (2002) Girlfriends: Howdy Partner (2002) Girlfriends: Single Mama Drama (2002) Girlfriends: Blood Is Thicker than Liquor (2002) Girlfriends: The Fast Track and the Furious (2002) Girlfriends: The Wedding, Part I (2002) Girlfriends: The Wedding, Part II (2002) Girlfriends: Coming to Terms (2002) Girlfriends: Getting Our Act Together (2002) Girlfriends: Secrets and Eyes (2002) Girlfriends: Star Craving Mad (2002) Girlfriends: Don't Leave Me a Loan (2002) Girlfriends: Happy Valentine's Day...Baby? (2002) Girlfriends: Sex, Lies and Books (2002) Girlfriends: A Stiff Good Man Is Easy to Find (2002) Girlfriends: Runaway Bridesmaid (2002) Girlfriends: The Pact (2002) Girlfriends: Where Everyone Knows My Name (2002) Girlfriends: Too Much Sharin' (2002) Girlfriends: Into the Woods (2002) Girlfriends: Just Dessert (2002) Girlfriends: My Mother, Myself (2002) Girlfriends: X Does Not Mark the Spot (2002) Girlfriends: Merry Ex-Mas (2003) Girlfriends: New York Unbound (2003) Girlfriends: On the Couch (2003) Girlfriends: New York Bound (2003) Girlfriends: A Comedy of Eros (2003) Girlfriends: Leggo My Ego (2003) Girlfriends: Don't You Want Me, Baby (2003) Girlfriends: Between Brock and a Hard Place (2003) Girlfriends: Prophet and Loss (2003) Girlfriends: Good Catch or Bad Hop? (2003) Girlfriends: Some Enchanted Evening (2003) Girlfriends: If It's Broke, Fix It (2003) Girlfriends: Snoop, There It Is (2003) Girlfriends: You Ain't Gotta Go Home but...You Know the Rest (2003) Girlfriends: Hopelessly Devoted to Two (2003) Girlfriends: Inherit the Lynn (2003) Girlfriends: And Baby Makes Four (2003) Girlfriends: Viva Las Vegas (2003) Girlfriends: Love, Peace and Hair Grease (2003) Girlfriends: Wieners and Losers (2003) Girlfriends: He Loves Her, He Loves Her Not (2003) Girlfriends: A Partnerless Partner (2003) Girlfriends: Just the Three of Us (2003) Girlfriends: Love Thy Neighbor (2003) Girlfriends: L.A. Bound (2004) Girlfriends: A Mile in Her Loubous (2004) Girlfriends: Great Sexpectations (2004) Girlfriends: The Way We Were (2004) Girlfriends: See J-Spot Run (2004) Girlfriends: Good News, Bad News (2004) Girlfriends: Kids Say th
  • Ally McBeal: The Complete Series

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2009

    Includes:Ally McBeal: Cro-Magnon (1997) Ally McBeal: The Attitude (1997) Ally McBeal: The Kiss (1997) Ally McBeal: One Hundred Tears Away (1997) Ally McBeal: Boy to the World (1997) Ally McBeal: The Dirty Joke (1997) Ally McBeal: Drawing the Lines (1997) Ally McBeal: The Promise (1997) Ally McBeal: The Affair (1997) Ally McBeal: Compromising Positions (1997) Ally McBeal: Theme of Life (1997) Ally McBeal: Silver Bells (1997) Ally McBeal: Pilot (1997) Ally McBeal: The Playing Field (1997) Ally McBeal: The Blame Game (1998) Ally McBeal: Forbidden Fruits (1998) Ally McBeal: The Inmates (1998) Ally McBeal: Alone Again (1998) Ally McBeal: The Real World (1998) Ally McBeal: Fools Night Out (1998) Ally McBeal: Making Spirits Bright (1998) Ally McBeal: You Never Can Tell (1998) Ally McBeal: Just Looking (1998) Ally McBeal: Happy Trails (1998) Ally McBeal: World's Without Love (1998) Ally McBeal: Story of Love (1998) Ally McBeal: It's My Party (1998) Ally McBeal: They Eat Horses, Don't They (1998) Ally McBeal: These Are the Days (1998) Ally McBeal: Being There (1998) Ally McBeal: Happy Birthday, Baby (1998) Ally McBeal: Once in a Lifetime (1998) Ally McBeal: Body Language (1998) Ally McBeal: In Dreams (1999) Ally McBeal: Civil War (1999) Ally McBeal: Let's Dance (1999) Ally McBeal: Blue Christmas (1999) Ally McBeal: Saving Santa (1999) Ally McBeal: Changes (1999) Ally McBeal: Troubled Water (1999) Ally McBeal: Heat Wave (1999) Ally McBeal: Seeing Green (1999) Ally McBeal: Buried Pleasures (1999) Ally McBeal: Car Wash (1999) Ally McBeal: I Know Him By Heart (1999) Ally McBeal: Love's Illusions (1999) Ally McBeal: The Green Monster (1999) Ally McBeal: Only the Lonely (1999) Ally McBeal: Those Lips, That Hand (1999) Ally McBeal: Sex, Lies and Politics (1999) Ally McBeal: Love Unlimited (1999) Ally McBeal: Angels and Blimps (1999) Ally McBeal: Sideshow (1999) Ally McBeal: Pyramids on the Nile (1999) Ally McBeal: Out in the Cold (2000) Ally McBeal: I Will Survive (2000) Ally McBeal: The Man With the Bag (2000) Ally McBeal: Love on Holiday (2000) Ally McBeal: Girls' Night Out (2000) Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season (2000) Ally McBeal: Without a Net (2000) Ally McBeal: The Musical, Almost (2000) Ally McBeal: Hope and Glory (2000) Ally McBeal: Do You Wanna Dance? (2000) Ally McBeal: Turning Thirty (2000) Ally McBeal: Prime Suspect (2000) Ally McBeal: Just Friends (2000) Ally McBeal: In Search of Pygmies (2000) Ally McBeal: Two's a Crowd (2000) Ally McBeal: Sex, Lies, and Second Thoughts (2000) Ally McBeal: The Last Virgin (2000) Ally McBeal: Pursuit of Lonliness (2000) Ally McBeal: The Oddball Parade (2000) Ally McBeal: Over the Rainbow (2000) Ally McBeal: In Search of Barry White (2001) Ally McBeal: Falling Up (2001) Ally McBeal: The Ex-Files (2001) Ally McBeal: Fear of Flirting (2001) Ally McBeal: The Getaway (2001) Ally McBeal: Queen Bee (2001) Ally McBeal: Hats Off to Larry (2001) Ally McBeal: Neutral Corners (2001) Ally McBeal: Reach Out and Touch (2001) Ally McBeal: I Want Love (2001) Ally McBeal: The Wedding (2001) Ally McBeal: The Pursuit of Unhappiness (2001) Ally McBeal: Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade (2001) Ally McBeal: Nine One One (2001) Ally McBeal: Boys Town (2001) Ally McBeal: Freinds and Lovers (2001) Ally McBeal: Lost and Found (2001) Ally McBeal: Reasons to Believe (2001) Ally McBeal: Home Again (2001) Ally McBeal: The Obstacle Course (2001) Ally McBeal: Mr. Bo (2001) Ally McBeal: Judge Ling (2001) Ally McBeal: Woman (2002) Ally McBeal: What I'll Never Do for Love Again (2002) Ally McBeal: Blowin' in the Wind (2002) Ally McBeal: One Hundred Tears (2002) Ally McBeal: Heart and Soul (2002) Ally McBeal: Homecoming (2002) Ally McBeal: Another One Bites the Dust (2002) Ally McBeal: Love Is All Around, Part 2 (2002) Ally McBeal: The New Day (2002) Ally McBeal: All of Me (2002) Ally McBeal: Playing With Matches (2002) Ally McBeal: Love Is All Around, Part 1 (2002) Ally McBeal: Bygones (2002) Ally McBeal: Tom Dooly (2002) Ally McBeal: A