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    Steven Spielberg wooing Baz Luhrmann to direct HBO's 'Napoleon'

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

    High-profile miniseries will be based on Stanley Kubrick's screenplay
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    Matthew McConaughey visits alien worlds in the new trailer for 'Interstellar'

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014

    'Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.'
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    'The Equalizer' International Trailer: Denzel Washington takes out 5 guys in 19 seconds

    Type: Article | Date: Monday, May 26, 2014

    New actioner sees the star moving into vigiliante territory - again
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    Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011

    Electronic wizardry from Georgia/inner space
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    Weezer announces its return to the studio with new teaser video

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

    Ric Ocasek is reportedly producing
  • Farscape: The Complete Series

    Type: Event | Date: Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009

    Includes:Farscape: PK Tech Girl (1999) Farscape: A Bug's Life (1999) Farscape: Til the Blood Runs Clear (1999) Farscape: Through the Looking Glass (1999) Farscape: Throne for a Loss (1999) Farscape: They've Got a Secret (1999) Farscape: The Flax (1999) Farscape: Thank God It's Friday...Again (1999) Farscape: Rhapsody in Blue (1999) Farscape: Premiere (1999) Farscape: Jeremiah Crichton (1999) Farscape: I, E.T. (1999) Farscape: Exodus from Genesis (1999) Farscape: Durka Returns (1999) Farscape: DNA Mad Scientist (1999) Farscape: Back and Back and Back to the Future (1999) Farscape: A Human Reaction (1999) Farscape: That Old Black Magic (1999) Farscape: A Clockwork Nebari (2000) Farscape: Beware of Dog (2000) Farscape: Bone to Be Wild (2000) Farscape: Crackers Don't Matter (2000) Farscape: Picture If You Will (2000) Farscape: Out of Their Minds (2000) Farscape: Nerve (2000) Farscape: My Three Crichtons (2000) Farscape: Mind the Baby (2000) Farscape: Look at the Princess, Part 1: A Kiss is But a Kiss (2000) Farscape: Liars, Guns and Money, Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan (2000) Farscape: Home on the Remains (2000) Farscape: Family Ties (2000) Farscape: Dream a Little Dream (2000) Farscape: Die Me, Dichotomy (2000) Farscape: Liars, Guns and Money, Part 3: Plan B (2000) Farscape: Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2: With Friends Like These (2000) Farscape: Look at the Princess, Part 3: The Maltese Crichton (2000) Farscape: Look at the Princess, Part 2: I Do, I Think (2000) Farscape: Won't Get Fooled Again (2000) Farscape: Vitas Mortis (2000) Farscape: The Way We Weren't (2000) Farscape: The Ugly Truth (2000) Farscape: The Locket (2000) Farscape: The Hidden Memory (2000) Farscape: Taking the Stone (2000) Farscape: Eat Me (2001) Farscape: Fractures (2001) Farscape: Incubator (2001) Farscape: Losing Time (2001) Farscape: Revenging Angel (2001) Farscape: Season of Death (2001) Farscape: Thanks for Sharing (2001) Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides (2001) Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2 - Wait for the Wheel (2001) Farscape: ...Different Destinations (2001) Farscape: The Choice (2001) Farscape: Suns and Lovers (2001) Farscape: Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1 - Could'a, Would'a, Should'a (2001) Farscape: Scratch 'n' Sniff (2001) Farscape: Relativity (2001) Farscape: Meltdown (2001) Farscape: Infinite Possibilities, Part 1:Daedalus Demands (2001) Farscape: Green-Eyed Monster (2001) Farscape: Crichton Kicks (2002) Farscape: Terra Firma (2002) Farscape: Kansas (2002) Farscape: Twice Shy (2002) Farscape: Unrealized Reality (2002) Farscape: Coup By Clam (2002) Farscape: A Prefect Murder (2002) Farscape: I Shrink, Therefore I Am (2002) Farscape: What Was Lost, Part 2: Resurrection (2002) Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (2002) Farscape: What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice (2002) Farscape: Promises (2002) Farscape: Natural Election (2002) Farscape: Lava's a Many Splendored Thing (2002) Farscape: John Quixote (2002) Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter (2002) Farscape: Dog with Two Bones (2002) Farscape: I-Yensch, You-Yensch (2002) Farscape: Bringing Home the Beacon (2003) Farscape: A Constellation of Doubt (2003) Farscape: We're So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba (2003) Farscape: We're So Screwed, Part 2: Hot to Katratzi (2003) Farscape: Prayer (2003) Farscape: Mental as Anything (2003) Farscape: Bad Timing (2003) Farscape: We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction (2003) Farscape: PK Tech Girl During their efforts to salvage the wreckage of infamous PeaceKeeper vessel Zelbinon, Moya's crew members come across the abandoned PK technician Gilina (Alyssa-Jane Cook). Aeryn (Claudia Black) experience the pangs of jealousy when Gilina evinces fondness for Crichton (Ben Browder)--But this dilemma is minor compared to the greater threat of the Sheyang scavenger team which hopes to claim Zelbinon for itself. Meanwhile, Rygel (Jonathan Hardy) experiences hellish flashbacks of the torture h
  • Apes_home_top_story

    Watch: James Franco monkeys around in the 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' trailer

    Type: Article | Date: Thursday, Apr 14, 2011

    Prequel explores the origins of those super-smart simians
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    The new 'Peanuts' teaser will make you feel all warm and fuzzy

    Type: Article | Date: Tuesday, Mar 18, 2014

    Charlie Brown and Snoopy enter the third dimension
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    10 all-time greatest Comic-Con movie panels

    Type: Post | Date: Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014

    Plus: Two very special honorable mentions
  • Caesarenddawnoftheplanetoftheapes_home_top_story_1

    Box Office: 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' rises to $73 million as 'Boyhood' shines

    Type: Article | Date: Sunday, Jul 13, 2014

    'Transformers' passes $200 million
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