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Created over 3 years ago.
Which "Real Housewives" star do you like? Or loathe?

While I find my opinion changes according to who's had a breakdown/freakout/explosion most recently, Lisa of "RHoBH" has been consistently level-headed and, yes, funny. But there are plenty of other Housewives I'd love to see walk out never to return. What about you?

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Replied over 3 years ago.

Lisa is not a nice person in real life... she is on RHOBH to promote her image, restaurants and other businesses - IM glad she was voted off DWTS early!
Brandi has been a fame whore since way before she ever appeared on RHOBH-- constantly playing the victim of a bad marriage.
The OC ladies are a bunch of fame whores as well... Tamra and Gretchen are disgusting... Heather as well Heather has been desperate for attention she was in college in Syracuse....

The New York ladies are the only ones who have fun with the franchise...

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