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Created over 4 years ago.
What did you think of Rickey Gervais last night?

I was surprised they asked Rickey Gervais to host the Golden Globes again after all of the controversy from last year. But I'm also surprised by some of the reaction I've seen this morning. It seems like most of it is that he didn't go far enough this year. Personally I don't have interest in seeing the uncomfortable moments when the host rips the people that are being honored for their work that night.

The host of an awards show should be like a wedding cake topper - if it's especially amazing or dreadful it's worth mentioning, but otherwise let's just talk about the cake.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I'm a huge fan of Ricky Gervais and all his work. I enjoyed his past hosting duties, my favorite of them being last years performance. However, I too feel that he held back this time around. I don't know why he did but I still enjoyed the show nonetheless. I think the Hollywood Foreign Press should keep him coming back as host; he's entertaining, controversial, and funny. Ever since his little performance last year, TV rating have gone up along with general interest in the Golden Globes as a whole. Ricky Gervais is exactly what award-shows need, someone to spice them up!

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