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Created over 4 years ago.
Southland Season 3

I am finally catching up on Southland and just finished Season 2. To my dismay, I cannot find Season 3 online anywhere! I've tried Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes and TNT.

I'm someone who likes to watch every episode of a show in order -- and will often stop watching a show if I lose access to episodes -- but if Season 3 is never going to be I dare to fight my OCD, skip Season 3 and move onto Season 4?

PS: I don't own a TV and stream all TV (lots due to being a TV junkie) online via laptop.

This Southland Season 3 situation is driving me crazy -- ok, bugging me alot -- so I really appreciate your help/thoughts. :)


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Replied over 4 years ago.

Whenever I can't find something I use This might sound like spam, but amazingly it's not!

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Replied over 4 years ago.

Hi i'm a big fan of southland and I tried looking for a site for you but I had no luck. I would personally wait to watch season 3. I thought that season 3 was more emotional and addicting compared to season 4. Overall I love the show. Good Luck!

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