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Created over 4 years ago.
Real Steel
Spoilers Included

Saw this at the cinema but I figure as it's almost out on dvd I'd put it in here.

So, uh, is it me or should there be another scene after the end? I wanna know what happened, that's natural right? They get a one-last-evening deal from the grandparents and then what? I even sat through the credit's just in case!

I guess it was a studio note, and I can kinda see the logic the wanting to end on an emotional high happy note, but when that results in *the* major plot (for want of a better word) point not being resolved I'm not so keen.

I was actually enjoying it up until that point but that just soured me on the whole film TBH.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I enjoyed it and don't really remember having a problem with the ending, though I vaguely remember that it wasn't the standard happily-ever-after scene. Hopefully the sequel builds on it, rather than resetting the story.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I also saw it at the movies last year, and liked it. so when it came out in BluRay this year I rented it for my folks to see, I had thought it had the right amount of sweetness and action for them to both like. And after I ended, my mom's look at me and asked me "That's it? what happened to the kid and the robot?" which is the first time I noticed that the film had ended a little short on closure (which actually was fine by me), so I speculated (for her sake), that since the movie had a certain Rocky-feeling, with the main boxer not winning the final fight, but actually ending up a crowd favorite, that I could imagine Atom going on to have a successful career, and probably earn the championship on his next chance.. and based on the aunt assisting the last fight (sign of approval), I could imagine the kid will remain with the Aunt, but also keep in close contact with the Dad, and maybe assisting some fights too. Or maybe viceversa, since part of the robot's appeal was the kid that made him dance.
Anyways, since the sequel is just waiting for Hugh Jackman’s agenda to clear up, I guess we will find out what the writer has in mind in regards to what happened after the fight.

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