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Created over 3 years ago.
'Promised Land' – Review

The movie “Promised Land” is spun around a sensational topic. Among all the movies released during this holiday season, “Promised Land” seems a little less promising. The story is all about a couple of salespeople who approach a rural town to get the drilling rights from the local residents. The company that these people work for extracts natural gas in a safe way and they call it as fracking.
The hero of the story is a farm raised boy connected with nature and committed to his work. The town ends up to have been badly affected by the economic slowdown. Its local residents readily accept for the fracking process thinking of the money, which will better their living. All seemed well for the hero, when a local school teacher objects fracking. The hero soon finds out that he is working on the wrong side. He finds out that his company digs into the available resources and completely erode them.
So, how he comes out of the company and saves the little town from being looted of its natural resources is the rest of the story. Experts believe that Gus Van Sant, the director of the movie has chosen a wrong subject at the wrong time.
The story has a sub-plot, which is the blooming romance between Steve Butler, the hero of the movie and a sharp tongued school teacher Rosemarie DeWitt. The movie fails to send the exact message to the viewers. Although the movie was shot at a low budget, it seems to have a pricey production. This movie has been rated an “R” for its language and runs for about 106 minutes.
The movie has been limited to only a few theatres from Dec, 28 2012 and will slowly expand nationwide from Jan, 04 2013. “Promised Land” will also have an international premier on Feb 2013. The movie does talk a lot about prosperity, freedom and a healthy lifestyle. Will it play well in the box office when it is released nationwide? While some people say that it’s hard to wait to catch the movie on digital cable TV, some people still believe that the future holds the answer to these questions.

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