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Created over 3 years ago.
Oscar Predictions!

So, who are you all liking for Best Picture this year at the Oscars? I know it's not always about which movie is best liked from a fan perspective but this year there are just so many that are fantastic that I really don't know which will take home the glory.

Personally, I thought Django was the strongest but it's WTF, I can't believe they just did that offensive factor I'm guessing will stop it from a win.

Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln and Zero Dark were all great with maybe only Lincoln standing a bit above the rest in terms of going above and beyond. I wanted more out of the other three, not to say they were not fabulous.

The wild cards this year are the kicker and unfortunately those I've not seen yet. Beasts of the Southern Wild looks poignant but maybe not as mainstream as one deserving of Best Picture. Life of Pi is a masterpiece but relying so much on CGI is a turnoff, at least to me. Then we have Amour. Realistic, emotional, heartfelt but unfortunately not in English which is a strike against it.

For once I don't see a true front-runner here. I was a bit surprised that Argo won at the Globes. Think it will repeat at the Oscars? Thoughts or predictions?

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