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Created over 4 years ago.
MTV's new scripted shows

I dont know if i will ever forgive them for forgetting what the M in MTV meant.. But i must admit that with 'RJ.Berger', 'Awkward' & now, 'I just want my pants back', MTV is on a roll of very good scripted shows... And also even though they are funny and last less than 30 mins, i wouldnt consider them sitcoms, specially since they can reach deep tones, while also been a good representation of modern young culture without dumb cliches or resorting to shock value. Anyone else tuning in?

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I find RJ Berger very annoying, but Akward really grew on me as the episodes went by.

Another MTV show I really like is Teen Wolf, first episode ain't good, but the later are very funny and full of surprises.

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