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Created almost 5 years ago.
Moonrise Kingdom

Put the trailer up on the site.

Looks very, verrrrrry Wes Anderson. I know that the other film he made with Roman Coppola, "The Darjeeling Limited," may be the least liked of all of Wes's films, but I still think it's a solid effort, a good movie that just doesn't quite ever kick into that next gear.

What about you guys? You excited about this one, or are you annoyed by Anderson's stylistic touches at this point?

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

Agreed on "Darjeeling." It's my least-favorite Anderson movie, and it's still great. So I'm always excited about a new Anderson movie--he hasn't let me down yet.

The most surprising thing about this trailer is the shooting format--looks like Anderson abandoned the anamorphic/'Scope lenses he's used on all his live-action stuff since "Rushmore." I'm curious to find out the story behind that decision.

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

Super excited. :) Not sick of his style yet.

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

I love Wes Anderson's movies but I guess I'm in the minority, because I love Darjeeling Limited. It's definitely my favorite.

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

I didn't think I was tired of the Wes Anderson style, but after seeing the trailer, perhaps I am. The trailer didn't inspire that rabid feeling of, "I must see this now" (Prometheus is an example of a trailer that did). I'm a fan, so will definitely see, but it's feeling very familiar at this point (and quirk for quirk's sake is something that I don't enjoy).

Note: I like to watch trailers with the sound off, letting the images do the talking. Obviously, a lot of the fun in Wes Anderson's films is the dialogue and his use of music. I'll save those elements for the actual viewing of the film. My comments are based upon the images alone.

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

Excepting 'Bottle Rocket' and 'Rushmore,' all of Wes Anderson's films have for me veered dangerously close to overwhelming their substance with style. And perhaps that's penalizing the guy for his own individuality -- because, really, modern cinema doesn't get much more personal than the movies of Wes Anderson, and I do appreciate that -- but I feel he still struggles to find a balance between imbuing his characters and the world they inhabit with his own idiosyncratic bent and also keeping them recognizable and relatable as representations of real human beings. Wreaks havoc with my suspension of disbelief.

That being said, I am very interested to see what he's done with this one. The return to a largely romantic tale after those first two wonderful romances of his certainly plays into my anticipation but moreso the fact that it's set in the 1960s. I think the trailer is gorgeous, everything lit with that honeyed glow, and watching it, I couldn't help but wonder why he hasn't done a period piece before, because it feels like such a perfect fit for his sensibilities as a filmmaker. My hope is that the careful supervision and attention to detail I am sure the 60s-era setting required of the director will redirect some of his characteristic zeal and maybe lessen that overwhelming feeling of monogrammed fastidiousness that mars my opinion of his latter films.

But it always comes down to the writing, doesn't it? If the script isn't there, any stylistic debate becomes moot.

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Replied almost 5 years ago.

Always look forward to Wes Anderson's stuff. Odd but always enjoyable to me. My favorite is Life Aquatic and even though Darjeeling Limited took me a while to like I have enjoyed it. Can't wait to see this one. Great, great cast.

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