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Created over 4 years ago.
RU Serious
House Of Lies: Why does it suck so much?

Look, there's no bigger fan of Don Cheadle than me. I've never seen the guy be less than spectacular, the problems with the show do not include Don Cheadle's performance. I love Kristin Bell, besides being stunning, she's an outstanding television actress, she has good comedic chops, she's got real talent that in the right project can shine. The problem is that this isn't the right project. I found myself watching the thrid episode last night, and wishing that both Cheadle and Bell were in a different show.

So what the hell is the matter with house of lies? Well, number one, it's way too stylized. It's trying very hard to come off as some sort of music video style show, jump cuts, slow motion walking, and music that NEVER seems to shut up. I always think that's a bad sign, as demonstrated here: House of Lies tries to use the music to prop up the plot. I try to imagine some of these scenes without the overly dramatic electro music, and shit, they're BORING as hell without it. That's not what I think music's job is.

Number two are the characters, Cheadle and Bell no exception. The problem is that they aren't characters. They're charicatures. The two sidekick guys (no idea what their names are three episodes in) exist only to what, act like Cheadle and Bell's children on these corporate misadventures. Neither has demonstrated any sort of value to this operation at all. Marty Kahn (subtle, house of lies!) has stuff in his life, like his gender confused son or his too-cool-for-school father or his looney ex wife. None of this stuff DEVELOPS. They put it out there and it just lays there, because that's what the plot feels like it needs.

Number three is that no one involved with this show has ever been in an actual corporate environment. It couldn't have been more evident last episode, either. There's no way that a group of professionals considered the best in the business, I guess because that's what the show is telling us they are, would behave anywhere near the way they did in either their own office, or at their client's office. I mean seriously, can you get someone to at least LOOK at the scripts before you bless them? What sort of cosnultancy firm wouldn't have to sign and NDA???

Anyone else watching? At this point I'm hanging around on the off chance they show Kristin Bell's ass, I'm not embarassed to admit.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

shit, you really went on a rant there...yeah it's a show that seems to think it's super smart and the characters are brilliant when they're not. They just have a formula which is...they fuck up, they do everything but work at their 'case' and then come up with a magical solution at the very end.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I agree with everything you said. I was looking forward to a smart comedy, but I absolutely hated everything about the show. The characters are so unlikable and freezing to "explain" what's happening or what a term means isn't funny and ends up just being annoying.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I think your analysis of this show is spot on. House of Lies received a lot of pre-hype and I bought into it. After all, with quality actors like Don Cheadle and Kristin Bell, it had to be good, right? Wrong. In a nutshell, I have found the writing to be weak at best and the talents of its two biggest stars being wasted.

While the basic premise of the series - that consulting firms basically just suck money out of a company and give little of value in return - has some potential for some clever scenarios, HOL just never seems to get out of the starting gate. And Cheadle's character frequent speeches to the camera in freeze frame mode was somewhat entertaining the first couple of times he did it. Now it's just annoying. So in a word, the best description of this show is "disappointing," IMO.

Oh, and yes, I admit that I also am still tempted to watch an episode that sounds like one in which Bell's physical attributes may play a major role.

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Replied over 4 years ago.
RU Serious

PROBABLY the worst episode thus far, this past week. I knew we were in trouble when the first two minutes for some reason features Don Cheadle inexplicably boucning a quarter off of Kristin Bell's ass. This sort of shenanigan is purile and stupid, what is it telling us? That she's got a nice ass? Noted, but I didn't need this to isolate that fact. I was glad she told Marty to fuck himself when he wanted her to work Saturday, but was bitterly disappointed that the other two numbskulls just did it. Why? Isn't this guy's career on life support? And they magically find damning information on the school? It took BOTH of them ALL MORNING to find that info? Largely for a who gives a shit plot detail?

And for god's sake, why don'tthe two ofthem act in any way like adults, the guy from Ally mcBeal (isn't that who he's basically playing?) and the Chead? It's ridiculous. I hate that character, he's just completely out of the realm of humanity. I like how they HAD to shoe-horn in the office blowie scene, just so he could come in and marty could be made uncomfortable...and BTW, what the hell kind of blow job was she giving him to make him so twitchy and pained looking?

The characters continue to lay absolutely flat for me, too. There's nothing interesting about them at all, despite the arbitrary assignment of character flaws like "He's traumatized by his mom's suicide" (a scene that Cheadle tried so hard to imbue some pathos into, but it played like a dream sequence from a completely different show) to "She is afraid of commitment". And talk about Deus ex Machina at the end there. Shameful. Cheadle, you're better than this! I wish I could fix this show for your sake...

This is the comedy version of the Walking Dead. I want it to somehow magically turn into the show I know it can be, but it won't.

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