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Created over 3 years ago.
Game of Thrones, "Valar Dohaeris" for book readers
Spoilers Included

Same drill as last season, folks: If you're a fan of the George R.R. Martin books, you can talk about them to your heart's content here, starting with the season 3 premiere.

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Replied over 3 years ago.

Well I guess I will start this off like I did so many times last year. I am very glad to have Game of Thrones back on my TV but was mostly underwhelmed by the premier. I continue to be disappointed by the Jon Snow adaption, the meeting with Mance and his reasons for defection was much more compelling and believable in the book than show in my opinion. Also going to have to get used to that show Mance is definitely not book Mance. I miss hearing his tales of going south of the wall and being a bard at Winterfell. Also Tormund needed to have all his stylings said cause he and they are the best. Plus looks like they greatly reduced the retinue of important wildlings for the show. And much more traditional looking giants than the sasquatch things but whatever no big deal. I want giants riding mammoths though, this needs to happen.

Well I liked what was going on with Dany better than any point since the beginning of second season even though we are just going to skip how she got the ships. We finally get Barriston back skipping the Arston the Whitebeard phase which is completely understandable but I am going to sorely miss Strong Belwas that character is so awesome.

Don't know what is going on with Robb and I don't think the show or the writers do either still. Why is he at Harrenhall and what happened there since Tywin left? I have been very confused on Robb's war and battle strategy in the show. I never know where he is or why he is fighting for what land he is while in the books it is made much clearer and he isn't even on the damn page.

I thought everything in King's Landing was done very well. I loved all the interactions between Tyrion and everyone. Missed that we got no Varys. Also that a very important line was missing in the scene with Tywin how he says, “Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens." which is the first clue to RW and Tywin's involvement in it. Also loved the shout out to book fans about the rumors of Tyrion's battle wounds leaving him noseless.

I will close with where the show began in that I thought the cold open was terrible. Just going to skip the battle of the first men and however Sam got out of the cliffhanger they left him in to end the season. And Sam wasn't in the camp to release the ravens with messages so I think the old bear was too harsh and not in the right and plus that probably seemed wildly out of the blue for nonbook fans. Well the battle of the fist was first big major event from aSoS that I am disappointed in really lack of adaption. Just some sounds of fighting over a black screen ok. This fight was in a blizzard in nearly whiteout conditions not like they couldn't of gotten away with barely showing anything but glimpses of action between minimal people.

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