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Created over 4 years ago.
Game of Thrones, "The Ghost of Harrenhal" discussion for book readers
Spoilers Included

Once again, we're going to try to confine all discussion of George R.R. Martin's books to the message boards, so that people who haven't read them won't be spoiled in the review comments. I'll link to my review of "The Ghost of Harrenhal" once it's up, and feel free to discuss it within the context of all the books so far.

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Replied over 4 years ago.
Originally Posted by splendorlex

However, I would say that in the show it's in her best interests currently that Tywin stay alive. Maybe she's smart enough here to realize that he's holding her back from some horrible things, and she could stand to learn a lot from him as a bit of a "spy."

About the tickler, he didn't come off nearly as menacing in the show as he did in the books. But of course in the books you witness his cruelty over and over for quite some time.

I am missing a lot of what makes Arya my favorite character in the books, but I do believe they are still getting her to the same place, just in slight different ways that can "move" faster.

Spoilers Included

Fair point. I thought the fact she didn't kill anyone important to the outcome of the war was a mistake and seems like it will be even more so in the show. Especially since we don't get to live inside her head and get her justifications for the selections. Though her third choice will always work, and can't wait to get to see all of that play out...

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Replied over 4 years ago.
Originally Posted by darthzombie

Major spoilers below, so ye be warned...

I must say I am getting worried about the Arya plotline. I thought it was a mistake of her not killing a major player in the war, but that was born out of her first two choices being people that were directly causing her harm witch coupled with the fact that she is an 11 year old girl(a bamf of one) I forgave her for not offing Tywin, Joffrey, Cersie or even the Mountain. But in the show she is in direct contact with Tywin and after the last scene with her where she says to Tywin that anyone could die is almost directly foreshadowing something that won't happen. Oh and also killing the Tickler here instead of Weese a character not introduced on the show we are being robbed of a great Arya scene when she kills the Tickler repeatedly stabbing him and scream asking him if there is gold in the village!

Yea , I am kinda worried that they don't figure out that she chooses Tywin , and he gets killed, that would be sad especially when MAJOR MAJOR spoiler , when you know who kills Tywin in the books, that's one of the best scenes in the whole books.... But that's really unlikely.. I think it was just a little bit of a show makers trickery , to say ah you thought its gonna be him, no , didn't guess it right.

They seem to be changing things, but to be honest , after I read the books, (it was some time ago) it is hard to remember all the details :D cuz they are just packed with events and twists , and sometimes the small details just disappear, in show of course they seem more obvious , so sometimes they seem to be there although they weren't in books.

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