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Created about 3 years ago.
Game of Thrones, "Second Sons" for book readers
Spoilers Included

You know the drill, boys and girls: if you've read the GRRM books and want to discuss the latest episode, "Second Sons," in that context, here's the place to do it, not the comments for my review. Go crazy.

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Replied about 3 years ago.

One adaptation choice I didn't like: #1. Sam heroically killing the Walker in the show (as heroic as you can be stabbing someone in the back). In the book, he stands there and the Walker falls into the blade.

#2. Where's Strong Belwas?

Adaptation choice I did like: condensing the mercenary groups from 3 to 1 and killing the Mero now rather than later on. Lets move this story on.

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