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Created almost 4 years ago.
Cloud. Atlas.

Holy moly, Cloud Atlas! Rarely can good books turn into really good movies and even more rarely can stories that are so intricate like this be presented well enough to make for a fantastic movie but from watching the Cloud Atlas trailers (here if you haven't seen: this one might have done all of that. It almost reminds me of Crash in that it seamlessly tells so many stories in the same film with the characters connected in small ways yet makes sense as a whole but Cloud Atlas seems to do that with the same actors playing multiple characters which is crazy yet brilliantly done.

Like most things that I end up falling in love with, after watching the trailer initially, I was pissed that it confused me and hated it. Then I thought about it more, watched more videos and let it sink in. Then it all seemed to click and I was enamored with the genius involved in pulling something like this off. I have a feeling the movie will give off the same vibe and I can't wait!

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