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Created about 4 years ago.
Best 2012 Comedies

Hard to believe that it's only September and sites are already starting to compile the best of the year lists but alas that's exactly what's going on. Ranker has their best of 2012 comedy movies up over at with Ted and Moonrise Kingdom leading the pack. They also have some movies that haven't been released in the mix like This is 40 leading me to think that will be pretty good.

Personally, I tend to stray from comedies as most are predictable or just plain cheesy but there has to be some diamonds in the bunch, right? Ted was hilarious but long. Moonrise I've never even heard of let alone seen. The rest seem like crappy romcoms that won't even get the pleasure of being added to my Netflix queue. Where are the really funny movies these days? Can I write someone to request real comedy come back to the big screen?

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