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Created over 4 years ago.
Anybody still watching "Desperate Housewives"?

So I'm sitting in the "Desperate Housewives" panel a the TCA press tour and it struck me that not only have I not been watching "Desperate Housewives" for years, but I don't remember I heard ANY buzz about the show at all. My Twitter feed spoils an unimaginable number of TV shows on a regular basis, but I could probably watch the DVDs for the past four seasons of "Desperate Housewives" and NONE of it would have been spoiled for me already.

Is anybody out there still watching?

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Replied over 4 years ago.

I not only watch Deparate Housewives, I think it will be a loss when it leaves. You don't tire of a good thing. ABC thinks WIFE SWAP or PAN AM is watchable? Never.I have watched from the beginning.
Only replacements are Breaking Bad , Downton Abbey The good Wife.
DHW is different than all of these bshows. Maybe ABC can get TERRIERS> O.K. asked and answered, only with a few other thoughts!
I am going to miss this show

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Replied over 4 years ago.

It got repetitive and, to a certain degree, started to take itself too seriously. They should have brought in John Waters to write a season.

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Replied over 4 years ago.

DH got really silly, really fast.. but i watched on and off the last 2 seasons to check in on the girls (you could always jump in and get up to date really easy). This season i decided to watch every ep out of wanting closure and also the cliffhanger of the prev season had potential. i would say this final season has been better than the last, but not as good as the firsts, has some good stories, but sometimes feels like they are tryng to cram in too much, and the plots dont get space and time to properly breath and develop.

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