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Created over 4 years ago.
(Almost) Disgusting Movies

Follow me here for a second. I don't like gory movies or scary movies or anything close to horror. Chucky scares the crap out of me and even Pink Floyd's The Wall gives me horrible nightmares. But, I came upon this collection of so-called disgusting movies ( if you're interested) and I'm surprised to find out that I really really love a lot of those listed there. I am thinking to myself that I must be missing something. How can I love these kinds of movies but be terrified of other flicks which are probably not as scary or gory. What is the thing about movies like Kill Bill that are considered beloved but not... what's the word? as threatening as horror movies. Is there some kind of formula that goes into making a movie so it can appeal to all audiences, not just the hardcore horror fans? What am I missing here?

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