"Communityfans got one bit of good news today, but it wasn't THE good news we've all been hoping for, which is NBC announcing a return date for the show. And as long as "Community" and its fans remain in limbo, I'm going to mark every Thursday at 8 with a different clip exemplifying just why it is that I love and miss it.

Some weeks, I've put a lot of deep thought into finding a clip that makes a statement about one of the regular characters, or one of the themes of the series, or about the show's huge amibition. Tonight, though, I just went with one that makes me laugh every single time I see it: Troy and a group of fellow African-American students performing "Fiddler, Please," Greendale's all-black adaptation of "Fiddler on the Roof." 

(And no, I did not just choose this as a nod to Fienberg, who played Perchik in a high school production of "Fiddler.") 

Of course, "Community" has done a lot of fine musical numbers. If embedding on the clip wasn't disabled, I might have gone with Troy and Abed's duet (accompanied by some badass Senor & Senora Chang dancing) on "Somewhere Out There," and there was a request in today's earlier post for Annie's boop-be-doop song from the Christmas episode. So we can certainly open a dialogue about the show's use of music, both original songs and well-placed pop songs, or I can just extend the usual blanket invitation to talk about any and everything "Community"-related.   

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