The Hulu archive of the "CommunityPaleyFest panel that I moderated has gone up earlier than expected. If you didn't get to attend in New York or LA, or to watch the Livestream feed, you can see it now, embedded below.

The Hulu version, like the Livestream feed, doesn't include the episode they screened, but I should warn everyone that I do ask a couple of questions (one to Yvette Nicole Brown, and the other to either Danny Pudi or Dan Harmon, but specifically about Abed) that gives away things that happen at the end of the episode. So if you want to know nothing before "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts" airs this Thursday night at 8, save this to watch after.

But whenever you watch, enjoy the fake stripteasing, Jim Rash showing off his hardware, the singalong, Gillian Jacobs almost Britta'ing the "Remedial Chaos Theory" dance, and a lot more.

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