Watch: 'Fringe' star Joshua Jackson at Comic-Con

How does he feel about his character ceasing to exist?

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Joshua Jackson talks to Alan Sepinwall at the San Diego Comic Con

Now that all my "Chuck" video interviews from Comic-Con have been edited and posted, it's time to move on to the batch I did with the cast of "Fringe." As with the "Chuck" interviews, these are all quick hits(*) - and in some cases especially tricky, since no one in the cast can obviously say much about how the show will work now that Peter has been erased from existence.

(*) The one set of interviews I got to do at the Con that wasn't part of the assembly line of a press room involved the bulk of the "Community" cast. Those are much longer and therefore taking longer to edit, but the wait will be worth it. Trust me.

And as it turns out, our first interview is with the forgotten-but-maybe-not-gone Peter Bishop himself, Joshua Jackson. We talked about how he reacted when he got the news his character was about to not matter, about how much the show has evolved from its early Freak of the Week days, and more.

Back later today with the very charming duo of Blair Brown and Jasika Nicole.

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