Time for the last of the video interviews I conducted with the "Fringecast at Comic-Con, this time a duet between John Noble and Anna Torv.

Here you get to enjoy them sounding very Australian(*) as they discuss what (if anything) they learned about their regular characters from playing their mirror universe versions, how the show and Walter and Olivia's dynamic will be changed now that Peter has been erased from existence, and more.

(*) As Walter Bishop, Noble does this amusing upper-crust Boston accent that always sounds like it's going to veer into being purely English, but I think Torv does one of the better invisibly American accents of any foreign-born actor on TV. If she's not in the Damian Lewis/Hugh Laurie class, I'd say she's at the top of the next tier.

Hope you enjoyed these. As with the "Chuck" interviews, they're all short (with the exception of one set of interviews I'll be posting at some point soon, Comic-Con isn't structured to allow anyone to have a long conversation), but I tried to get to the heart of what interested me about each performer/character, especially given that no one can talk about what's going to happen with Peter.

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