Yesterday was a day for "Fringe" video interviews from Comic-Con. Now it's a "Doctor Whoday, featuring three interviews, starting with writer Toby Whithouse.

Steven Moffat couldn't make it to Comic-Con (though he did come to press tour, and that much longer interview will be published closer to the show's August 27 return), so Whithouse came as a representative of the show's writers. As the creator of the British "Being Human," he's a Comic-Con veteran by now, but still seemed terribly excited to be here with this show, as he (like most of the writers) grew up as a fan.

We talked a little about the Comic-Con experience, about how much Moffat tells his writers about the season's larger story arcs, and more.

Coming up later today: Karen Gillan, and then sometime after that, Matt Smith.

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