Yesterday, I posted the first of two long video interviews I did with the cast of "Community" at Comic-Con. Today, it's time for the second, with Joel McHale, Yvette Nicole Brown and newly-promoted regular castmember Jim Rash.

We talked about Rash's new position, Dean Pelton and Jeff Winger's strange relationship, whether Shirley's baby will change her role on the show, and a lot more. As with the Jeong/Chase/Pudi interview, it's long but very, very funny.

And a footnote to the whole thing: at one point, while discussing Pelton's sexuality, I brought up a comment from one of my season 1 "Community" reviews that winds up informing much of the rest of the interview. And if you think I was exaggerating about that particular comment, feel free to take a look (it's the next-to-last comment on the second comments page, from "Geniufur"). And, for the record: furries.

Again, I hope you enjoy this, and that it helps make the wait until the show's September 22 season 3 premiere just a little bit easier.

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