Okay, by now, y'all should know the drill on my "coverage" of "True Blood." I'm not a fan of the show (though I do enjoy a few characters like Eric, Jessica and Pam), but I'm aware that this is one area where my tastes don't overlap with what seems like a large portion of my audience, so we reached a compromise last summer: I do these short weekly posts as a place for the What's Alan Watching? crowd to gather to discuss each episode, and if you want a longer recap or analysis, you can go read Leslie Gornstein's take at our Monkeys As Critics blog, usually within a few hours after the episode airs on the East Coast. (UPDATE: And here it is.)

The one thing I'll note about the season premiere is that the way Alan Ball chose to return to Bon Temps gave him an out to get rid of a whole lot of the dead weight many of us were concerned about last season. Instead, pretty much everyone's back, and now we've added a coven of witches to this overcrowded universe. At what point does the show just burst at the seams from too many characters in too many unrelated storylines?

And what did everybody think of "She's Not There" overall?

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