You should know the drill with me and "True Bloodby now: I put up these posts so people can discuss the episode immediately without waiting for Leslie Gornstein's recap at our Monkeys as Critics blog (and/or for people who want to keep all their HitFix TV discussion here), and then I step out of your way, because y'all know how I feel about "True Blood."

One thing I'm slightly curious about this week, though, is where people stand with the show's tradition of storylines involving characters spending an extended period of time as someone else's helpless prisoner (Tara with Franklin, Lafayette in Eric's basement, Jason this year at Hot Shot, etc.), and, at times, rape victim. There seemed to be a lot of pushback against the Jason story last week, while others pointed out how often the show has done similar stories in the past (and will continue to do in the future, as we see here). Is it just that Alan Ball has done it once too many, or is there something people found particularly unpleasant about this one? 

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