Once again, you know the drill: these "True Bloodposts are here for people who either can't wait for Leslie Gornstein's usual recap to go up on our Monkeys as Critics blog in a few hours, or who just want to do all their HitFix commenting on this blog. Couple quick thoughts on the episode after the jump...

I've said before that the only "True Blood" characters I particularly enjoy watching are Eric, Pam and Jessica. (Lafayette fit that group once upon a time, but keeps getting put into terrible storylines, which I guess is worse than the underuse of Pam and Jessica.) So I was pleased to have an episode built so much around Eric (and one that allowed Alexander Skarsgard to show a very different, lighter side of himself), and also one that had Pam and Jessica hanging out a bit. It's not quite my dream of "True Blood" spinning the three of them off into some kind of vampiric version of "Thelma & Louise" (where I guess Eric would be Brad Pitt?), but I'll take what I can get with this show.

What did everybody else think?

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