There is a new set of pictures. Discuss. (Independence weekend edition.)

What do these four pictures have in common?

Time for another logo-style guessing game, though this one shouldn't be too hard to guess. The combination just made me happy, even if it means I had to use an "Arrested Development" character for the second week in a row.

As always, I'm open to suggestions for more challenging themes. Just shoot an e-mail to

Content may be a bit light over the next few days, simply because there's not a lot to cover as we're this close to the 4th of July. But there will be a new podcast sometime this afternoon, and a "Wire" review and "Burn Notice" on Friday, and Fienberg keeps threatening me with punishment if I can't be more creative in coming up with post ideas during these slow weeks. So I may have another trick or two up my sleeve before the fireworks start.

Alan Sepinwall
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