A quick review of tonight's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphiacoming up just as soon as I blow chilli powder in your face...

I didn't have time to write about last week's episode, which I thought featured some of the best Frank-related humor ever, as well as a welcome opportunity for the gang to sing and dance. And with the Thursday programming crunch continuing, I imagine most of my "Sunny" write-ups going forward will be brief, with the tacit acknowledgment that so far, they're having themselves a fantastic season. 

Mainly what I want to bring up in terms of the sick, funny "Sweet Dee Gets Audited" is the exchange that Frank and Dennis have at the start of the fake baby funeral, where Dennis suggests this is the "darkest thing we've ever done." We're 75 episodes into the series now, so I put it to you folks: is this, in fact, the darkest (and/or worst, if you want to make that distinction) thing the gang has ever done? Or have they fallen lower in the past? (Fienberg suggested the events of "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare" were worse.) 

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