One of the most disappointing, if not surprising, pieces of TV news from late yesterday: TBS has canceled "My Boys." 

It seemed obvious the show wasn't going to go past this fourth season when Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard got cast in pilots. (And because TBS waited to make things official, both got dumped from those shows.) But despite the absence of Jim Gaffigan, I'd argue that this final season was either the show's strongest, or second-strongest after season two.

As I've written often, "My Boys" was never the funniest comedy out there, but the cast was really likable and had wonderful chemistry, and it was fun just to hang out with them. I'll miss it, though I'm glad Sunday night's finale gave some level of closure to most of the characters.

And on occasion, "My Boys" could be very, very funny. For those who never watched the show - or who want something to laugh at in the face of this disappointing news, I give you... the douchebag intervention.

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