Well, press tour is over. Comic-Con is over. My time in California is over.

And now it's time to take some time off.

I'll be off for much of the rest of this week to catch up on sleep, remind my kids what I look like and readjust to East Coast weather. (Rumor has it the humidity is kinda high.) With any luck, I'll be able to bang out my next "Deadwood" review on the flight home today, but that's about all you should expect from me between now and either Sunday night or Monday. (As I said in my latest "Breaking Bad" review, odds are high that I won't get that done til sometime Monday morning/early afternoon.) 

Have fun without me, kids. And if you want to see the full-sized version of that photo illustration of Katharine McPhee starring in "Smash: The Brian Williams Story," click here. Forearms aside, I think it'd make one hell of a poster for what should be the greatest show ever.

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