A quick review of last night's "No Ordinary Familycoming up just as soon as I study Hebrew online...

We're not exactly in Repeat the Pilot Six Times mode here, if only because the pilot was an origin story, but "No Ordinary Ring" felt very much like "No Ordinary Marriage": Jim and Stephanie argue about his crimefighting exploits, George helps Jim master one specific aspect of his powers, Daphne copes with being different, etc. The stuff with Jim and George remains fun, but the rest still feels pretty thin (JJ trying to impress the girl with all his Jewish knowledge was a long joke that never really landed), and I think my plan is going to be to wait for when/if the show stops holding the audience's hand and starts going for it with the storytelling.

Some shows learn to do that in time ("Journeyman" was a great example of this a few years back, though we likely wouldn't have seen those better episodes if not for the writers strike forcing NBC to keep it on the air), while others stay in a rut and eventually lose all goodwill. Given the talent in front of and behind the camera, I'd like to think "No Ordinary Family" will be one of the former shows, but we'll have to wait and see.

What did everybody else think?

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