From the Department of Why I Love My Job: this morning, the FedEx truck arrived with the "Mad Men" season four premiere, which gives me two and a half weeks to fully process it so I can have my review ready to go as soon as AMC finishes airing the episode on Sunday, July 25.

Per the usual gentleman's agreement on this sort of thing(*), I can't/won't say anything about the content of the premiere - including when it takes place, since Matt Weiner likes to treat the setting as a surprise for the audience - but I will say that I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. Don at one point makes a reference to how the press loves to build people up so they can tear them down, and if Weiner threw that in as a preemptive strike against some kind of critical backlash this far into the run, I don't think he needs to worry.

(*) Not everyone in the media will stick to that agreement, of course, so let's remember the usual No Spoilers rule around these parts. If you've read something elsewhere that gives more detail about what happens - or when it happens - please do not mention anything in the comments here. Thanks.

Much as I'd love to invite you all over to watch it with me when I take my second pass through it, I can't. But if you want to at least get a sense of the look of season 4 - and try to search for clues about what's going on and when - HitFix has up a gallery of 17 new photos from the season. Enjoy, and I look forward to discussing the show with you here as much as I did back in the old digs.

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