We're in the home stretch now on Hulu's Best in Show contest, with a pair of Final 4 match-ups: "Community" vs. "Chuck" in one bracket, and "House" vs. "Dexter." To get there, we had three blowouts - with "Community" routing "The Office," "Chuck" stomping on "Modern Family" and "House" easily beating "Mad Men" (oh well) - and one of the contest's closest races so far, with "Dexter" eking out a last-second win over "How I Met Your Mother," even overcoming my weighted vote for "HIMYM."

This isn't necessarily how I would have expected the bracket to work out - "Glee" seemed the obvious favorite to come out of the "Dexter" bracket, for instance - but it's not necessarily surprising that 3 of the final 4 shows have small but crazy-passionate audiences, with "House" as the only mass appeal hit left (and even it generates a fair amount of online discussion). In contests like this, fandom size tends to matter much less than fandom passion.

As you can see, I found myself in the strange position of voting against "Chuck," which is a show that I still love but isn't at its peak right now the way "Community" is. And on the other side, I went with "Dexter" over "House," since I don't particularly like either show anymore but at least still enjoy "Dexter" just enough to keep watching. Suffice it to say, I'll be pulling for the "Community"/"Chuck" winner in the final round.

So go vote, read my answers on the latest Hulu blog entry, and then we can see what sort of final match-up we end up with.

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