FX has extended its deal for "Sons of Anarchythrough the show's sixth season, while creator Kurt Sutter has extended his own deal through what everyone assumes will be the show's seventh and final year. 

Sutter actually announced the news himself last week, but the deal wasn't finalized until today.

FX had already ordered a fifth season of "Sons" (most likely to return in the fall, like usual) back in October, so this deal is only extending it for one more year. Sutter's three-year contract extension covers seasons 5, 6 and the presumed season 7, allowing him to both keep running the show while also developing new series for both cable and network television. The seventh season renewal is likely a formality, as "Sons" is the network's highest-rated series, Sutter has repeatedly said he has a seven-season plan, etc.

With a few exceptions ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," for instance), FX tends to renew its shows one season at a time, and the network takes its time closing those deals. This one apparently made sense for everyone to do it now.

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