A while back on Twitter, "Sons of Anarchycreator Kurt Sutter started lamenting the difficulty he was facing squeezing all the plot he needed for the end of season 4 into one last episode, even if it was a 90-minute long one the way the show's finales have traditionally been.

FX has solved that problem for him by agreeing to add an additional episode to the season, bringing the total to 14, which now puts the finale on December 6.

“Creatively, this has been 'Sons’ best and biggest season ever,” FX executive Nick Grad(*) said in a statement. “Kurt asked us to consider adding an extra episode to fully close this current chapter of the 'Sons' saga. By adding the extra episode, it wraps up a magnificent season in extraordinary fashion. This is a real bonus for fans of the series.”

(*) Grad, by the way, lent his name to the federal agent this season played by David Rees Snell from "The Shield."

A new episode airs tomorrow at 10, and it's one of the season's strongest outings so far.

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