This Sunday's episode of "Breaking Badis my favorite of the season so far, packed with one great scene after another involving Walt, Jesse, Skyler, Mike and the rest of the gang.

We'll be able to talk about all of it on Sunday night, but in the meantime, HitFix is pleased to present an exclusive (for the next day, at least) look at one of those scenes.(*) It's an early moment in the episode in which Walt and Bogdan discuss the future of the car wash. It's a fine scene for Bryan Cranston, but especially for Marius Stan - who, as I've mentioned in the past, is something of an accidental actor. (He only appeared in the series pilot because his son wanted to be an actor, and the show needed a father/son combo.) 

(*) And for those of you worried about reconciling a sneak peak clip with my usual No Spoiler policy, I will say three things: 1)As with the previews for the next episode, you don't have to watch if you don't want, 2)I'm going to ask everyone to confine whatever discussion there is of the scene to this post, so the ongoing discussion of "Shotgun" won't be affected, and 3)If you do watch the scene, you'll see it's nothing earth-shattering. (Were I writing an advance review of the episode, it's one I would be completely comfortable describing in detail, as opposed to, say, the boxcutter scene from "Boxcutter.") 

So watch if you want, and either way, I look forward to talking "Cornered" with you on Sunday night.

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