As many of you know (probably from reading this blog entry), I'll be co-moderating the "Chuck" panel at Comic-Con with HitFix's own Dan Fienberg on Saturday, July 24 at 10 a.m. Dan and I still haven't figured out exactly how this whole co-moderating set-up will work, but in the meantime, we do have one bit of cool exclusive "Chuck"/Comic-Con news for you.

One of the most popular items at the Con is the oversize Warner Bros. tote, which both looks neat and becomes an easy repository for the many free and purchased items accumulated over the long weekend. In years past, you had to go to the Warner Bros. booth to get one, but this year the company has produced 125,000 totes, and every Comic-Con attendee will get one when they check in. There are 11 designs, and one of those, of course, features "Chuck." (Other totes include "Big Bang Theory," "Fringe," "Human Target," "Nikita" and "The Vampire Diaries.")

Distribution of the bags will be random, but some of you lucky Con attendees will get to take this big sack o'Bartowski home with you:  

And to get you in the mood for some "Chuck" talk (either for those of you coming or those of you who will be following Con news via the Interwebs), here's one of my favorite scenes from season three:

Looking forward to this.

And speaking of Comic-Con swag, HitFix will be giving away over 100 What's Alan Watching? t-shirts at the Con. We're still working out a few logistical kinks, but we should be able to announce how it'll work by the end of the week.

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