Okay, we're now up to the third of three "American Horror Story" episodes FX sent out in advance of the premiere, and likely the last episode of the show I'll watch. But before I sign off, I'm again curious how people are finding the show.

"Murder House" spends a lot of time contriving various reasons why the Harmons have to stay in the house, even though the events of last week's episode - and the things Vivien learns while she's on the tour bus - would likely make any sane person move out of that place and never look back, financial ruin be damned. Did you buy any or all of the excuses the show came up with, or are you going to have a hard time suspending your disbelief for the rest of their time in this hellpit? Is the backstory that we're getting of the house, the neighbors, etc., interesting to you? Are you happy or disappointed that Dylan McDermott has been progressively more clothed in each episode? And are you in this until the end (of the season, at least)?

Have at it. I'm good.

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