That "Breaking Bad" season 4 would be premiering on July 17 at 10 p.m. has been something of an open secret. (Last week's Entertainment Weekly had a big season preview with that date, for instance.) But AMC didn't make it official until today, announcing the date and releasing a season 4 trailer - which, in a good move for spoiler-phobes like me, seems to be comprised entirely of season 3 footage and dialogue:

The best drama on TV can't get back soon enough for my money. As mentioned a while back, I made a brief trip to New Mexico to interview Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and several other castmembers, and to tour the set, and video from those interviews and a set tour post of some kind will be going up closer to the premiere.

Also, in a bit of fortuitous timing, blog reader Benjamin Birdie sent me the link to his "Breaking Bad"-inspired Muppets t-shirt contest design at almost the exact moment the premiere date press release came in, so I might as well share the joy with y'all.

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