"Breaking Badseason 4 doesn't debut until Sunday, July 17th, but we have a few exclusive pictures to help curb your fix for Heisenberg and his blue meth. 

The 2nd and/or 3rd pictures could be considered spoilers - though I'd argue both are of something most of us have assumed would happen - so rather than just post them here on my blog, we instead set up a separate photo gallery where you can both look at the pretty pictures (as gorgeously shot as "Breaking Bad" itself) and comment on the implications of them while leaving this blog clean and wholly spoiler-free.

Current plan on the interviews I did on my trip to Albuquerque is to post them whenever I'm on vacation in early-mid July, not long before season 4 begins. I still have yet to see any episodes myself, and though I'm feeling antsy, just seeing these images of Cranston, Paul, etc. in character felt nice.

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