Our introduction to the supporting voices of FOX's "Allen Gregory" continues...
Last week, French Stewart and Nat Faxon talked about voicing the two men who raised and enabled Jonah Hill's title tike, 
Now, let's hear from Will Forte, who lends his pipes to several "Allen Gregory" characters, including Superintendent Jeremy Rossmyre, yet another person who helps Allen Gregory maintain his position as the world's most pretentious seven-year-old. 
It would be an understatement to say that Forte is no stranger to vocal work, given that his FOX credits alone include "The Cleveland Show," "American Dad!" and "Sit Down, Shut Up." Once you get into work on "Clone High" and a slew of Adult Swim offerings and you have an animation veteran.
In our conversation, Forte discusses what draws him to voice-over work, the fun he's had doing high-profile guest-starring roles and what he still misses about "Saturday Night Live."
Give it a watch...
And "Allen Gregory" premieres on Sunday, October 30 on FOX.
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