When we left "Bones" last May, the characters were scattering in myriad directions, with Booth going off to war, Bones going off on a research trip and Hodgins and Angela heading off to Paris, pretty much leaving poor Cam all alone.

It probably shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that Thursday (Sept. 23) night's "Bones" premiere is all about getting the band back together with a mystery that requires each of them and their individual fields of expertise. 
Last week, I caught up with TJ Thyne and Tamara Taylor to discuss the "Bones" premiere and what's on tap for the season to come. 
This interview isn't hugely spoiler-y, but it does discuss some of the things that transpire in "The Mastodon in the Room," which is why I'm posting it on the late side. You can either watch before the episode to whet your appetite, or you can check out out after you've seen the premiere.
It's all good!
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