I'll admit it: I don't usually write about "Cops" and I don't usually watch "Cops," but last month I had a really fun sit-down with "Cops" executive producers John and Morgan Langley.
This interview isn't particularly timely, since "Cops" premiered back in September -- due to baseball and "America's Most Wanted" pre-emptions, it feels like I've been waiting for six weeks to post -- and my intro question pertains [very loosely] to that premiere, but most of the interview is everygreen and I think it's really funny in places. 
I feel like I could have talked to John and Morgan for hours, because even though "Cops" isn't a show I regularly DVR, it's a phenomenon that's fascinating, especially with the show in its mind-boggling 24th season.
In this interview, we talk about the "Cops" phenomenon and I also get to ask the key pressing question: What would the Langleys do if the cops came for THEM. 
Find out that answer and more in this interview...
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