It's hard for female doctors working with Gregory House to experience any real longevity.
Dr. Cameron was around for a long time, but she was most recently seen causing romantic turmoil on "How I Met Your Mother" and then heading off to investigate fairy tales on ABC's "Once Upon a Time." 
Thirteen hasn't exactly vanished from the show, but she seems to only be around when she has gaps in a busy movie career.
And then Joan of Arcadia was around for the better part of a season, until God told her it was time to move on.
[Apologies if fiction and reality got blurred somewhere there.]
This fall, House will welcome two new underlings, doctors played by Odette Annable -- most recently seen on FOX's newly resurrected "Breaking In" -- and Charlyne Yi, who won hearts in "Knocked Up" and won a Sundance screenwriting award for "Paper Heart."
Annable's character will make her first appearance in Monday's (October 3) "House" premiere, while you'll have to wait a week to see Yi. 
Here's how the two actresses describe their characters, their own struggles with medical jargon and the "House" culture of side-smacking.
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