Wednesday (Jan. 26) was a good day for the team behind "I Melt With You." Just hours before the film's world premiere, "I Melt With You" was acquired for distribution by Magnolia Pictures, allowing for that most precious of Sundance Film Festival moments: a public screening without any concern for the business side of things.
"I Melt With You" had already premiered for critics and industry types two days before and the initial reviews for the drama, which focuses on a group of four college friends whose annual hedonistic reunion becomes increasingly dark and violent, were decidedly polarized.
I sat down with "I Melt With You" helmer Mark Pellington star Jeremy Piven just minutes after the Magnolia deal was announced and hours before the premiere. Before we began filming, Pellington asked my name and, matching it in his head to my critique, he declared, "We should begin by having you read your review out-loud."
It could have set the stage for a tense interview, but as I discussed with Pellington and Piven, there are countless movies that come and go without producing any reaction of any kind, that don't give you anything to digest afterwards, that don't generate passions of any sort. "I Melt With You" is not that sort of disposable film and whether I loved it or hated it, I had things to say about it, a conversation that continued with Pellington long after the interview ended. 
Check out the interview and read my review and then, when Magnolia releases "I Melt With You," you can draw your own conclusions.
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