I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that John Noble is HitFix's Most Interviewed Man. 
Last fall, I chatted with the "Fringe" star on the show's Vancouver set (where we also shared a key scene together) and then one week later on video. We talked again via a weird video/sattelite/phone set-up in the spring and then Sepinwall gabbed with Noble (and Anna Torv) at Comic-Con in July.
It's a good thing that Noble is a spectacularly gracious and thoughtful interview and that when it comes to "Fringe," Walter Bishop and Walternate, 
We had plenty of new things to talk about when we sat down last week, including how Walter and Walternate are impacted by last season's big "Fringe" finale twist and how viewers can still catch up with "Fringe" in time for Friday's (September 23) premiere. 
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