John Noble and I, we've had a busy year together.
Last summer, we chatted on the "Fringe" set in Vancouver. Then we talked again, this time on camera, before the show's premiere in September. And, of course, we were co-stars in what may or may not have been the year's most pivotal "Fringe" scene.
And when I had the opportunity to do a slightly unusual interview -- I was on the phone, he was being filmed in-studio -- with the ever-gracious, ever-intelligent star earlier this week, I didn't hesitate. After all, we hadn't talked since "Fringe" earned its fourth season pick-up and with the "Fringe" spring finale just weeks away, this was a great chance to touch base on Walter and Walternate. [I also enlisted HitFix's "Fringe" guru Ryan McGee to get a different perspective on some fresh queries.]
Check out our conversation, which contains what may count as teasing spoilers.
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